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July 2015

4th - Lecture World Piano Conference Novi Sad Serbia


7th - 31st Linz, Austria Musical Elisabeth Landestheater


24th -25th ABRSM Diploma examining U.K.

May/June 2015

ABRSM Examining South Africa


March/April 2015

Essen/Munich Musical Elisabeth 

February 2015

24th - Recital Chapeau Rouge Theatre Avignon France and T.V. broadcast 19/20 Provence-Alpes

August 2015

24th -29th 2.30pm. Stockbridge Church

Recital on mirror-image pianos 


20th - Recital on mirror-image pianos Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh Fringe, Scotland


"A left-handed piano would allow southpaws to lead with their strength - it's an attractive prospect."

New York Times

October - December 2015 


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